Our Service

At Health Mind & Body we belive that no two people are alike. We treat each one of our customers with the attention and care that they truly deserve. Our friendly qualified therapists work with each client catering to their individual needs. Our purpose is to provide and create a caring environment where you will feel comfortable and relaxed. We look forward to providing you with the best quality service at all time

Facial Treatment

Skin Peels

Oxygen Infusion Facial

All skin types

During this facial a unique rejuvenation serum is gently infused into the skin with pure oxygen to rejuvenate, heal, treat dehydration, fine lines, wrinkles, acne, Rosacea and scarring PLUS it eradicates pimples. This is the perfect facial treatment before a special event

$60/30 Mins

$120/60 Mins

Advanced Light Therapy

Skin Resurfacing

Lymphatic Detox

Every Part of the body is influenced by the lymphatic system, because no matter what the purpose of the cells they all need nourishing and cleaning. it is important in immunity, inflammation and healing in general, so an efficient lymphatic system is going to help in many areas. Lymphatic drainage is a way to achieve that efficiency

Body care $199/60 Mins

Breast Care $250/40 Mins $350/60 Mins

Ovary care $199/60 Mins $350/120 Mins


Eye Enhancer

Eyelash Tint $20

Eyebrow Tint $14

Eyelash + Eyebrow Tint $29

Eyebrow tint + Eyebrow Waxing $30

Eyelash Perm $61

Eyelash Extension(up to 3-5 weeks) from $70

Eyelash infill from $35

Party eyelash $10



Ultrapulse Co2 Fractional Laser

1064 QZH

Comestic Injection

Botox (after consultation)

Fillers (after consultation)

Anti Wrinkle Injections (after consultation)

Cosmetic Tattoo

It is a semi-permanent technique using color pigment drawn onto the skin giving you natural looking eyebrows. The technique used is natural feathering of hair like strokes creating a beautifully designed brow. The 3D effects gives it an added realism to the end result

Eyebrows : $580

Eyeliner: $680

Lips: $780

Nipples: $880