SOTHYS nO2ctuelle™ Chrono-Destressing Sleeping Mask


Skin type: All skin types

Contains : 8 sachets 4 ml

A concentrated formula with anti-ageing stablised Vitamin C and oxygen-like nasturtium plant extract plus ingredients to brighten and restore skin well-being. When applied using the exclusive Sothys relaxing application technique, this mask is the first step towards relaxing with a fragrance to promote sleep.



STABILIZED VITAMIN C: Stimulates collagen production and cellular activity, fights free radicals and has a lightening effect on the skin

EXTRACT OF NASTURTIUM RICH IN Α-GLUCANS: Creates the optimal use of cellular oxygen

CHASTE TREE EXTRACT: Activates β-endorphins to stimulate cellular activity and enhance skin well-being.

LINDERA EXTRACT: Works on the expression of the Clock Gene to support stressed or tired skin cells






Cedar wood


This sleeping mask supports your beauty sleep with an ultra-smoothing effect offering your skin the results of an additional 3 hours sleep. Erases the visible signs of daytime damage caused by the environment and premature ageing caused by lack of sleep…particularly effective on tired skin lacking brightness (shift workers, air crew and new parents)! Upon waking, the skin is visibly replenished and rested. The skin’s youth appears revived.


Apply the sleeping mask in the night, after cleansing, to the face and neck (avoiding the eye contour). Leave to work for 10 minutes, then massage in the excess using the Sothys exclusive application technique. Use this m ask to replace a night cream once or twice a week.


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